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The financial services global leader is prioritizing employee well-being to build a culture of learning and support, driving business value and economic opportunity.

Walmart’s chief people officer focuses on making big moves to elevate equity, opportunity, and advancement for the company’s 1.5 million U.S. employees.

New JFF Toolkit Provides Plan of Action for Restoring Jobs, Building Strong Regional Economies

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Employers can do a lot to improve employee well-being for their frontline and entry-level workers — if they know what practices to adopt and what tech tools to deploy.

Seven ways businesses can ease their employees’ caregiving burdens during (and after) the COVID-19 crisis to retain talent and stay competitive.

Illustration by Alicia Bramlett

A window is open for corporate leaders to redesign talent practices that spur widespread economic mobility — but this moment won’t last forever.

Prudential’s Skills Accelerator platform enables employees to own and drive their personal career journeys with personalized digital career services.

Photo by Sanjay Suchak, University of Virginia

UVA Edge helps employers invest in the long-term career success of workers without college degrees. It’s an innovative one-year program in which participants gain technical expertise and strengthen fundamental ‘human skills’ while earning transferable college credits. For employers, UVA Edge provides an opportunity to develop talent, increase retention, and create a more diverse and equitable workplace.

Despite intense financial headwinds, this Impact Employer helps employees develop new skills and build a path to a college degree.


JFF (Jobs for the Future) is a national nonprofit that builds educational and economic opportunity for underserved populations in the United States.

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